1. Post-Grad Hipster’s Guide to Inhabitable US Cities. Funny how some descriptions are spot-on
  2. Starlit beach you only thought existed in your dreams but truly exist in Vaadhoo, Maldives
  3. Sweet, pink refrigerator
  4. Fascinated by everything ombre, especially this dress 
  5. The treehouse of anyone’s dreams
  6. This variation on grilled cheese has me salivating 
  7. AVOCADOS: super food, super amazing
  8. Clean, sleek lines of this desk makes me want to rev up my own
  9. The ideal world according to any true bibliophile
  10. Something about this graffiti artwork makes me want to pick up a paintbrush again
  11. Creative ideas for unique nightstands
  12. The perfect summer outfit as showcased by Solange Knowles at Bonnaroo
  13. Abandoned Parisian castle featured on this blog about dilapidated buildings practically begging for imagination and tlc